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Tegan Steele's Tease Play hits a
new high of 7500 paid downloads.

Tegan Steele's latest track has reached the 1500 download mark. Thanks to artists like Marcus Schulz and Dirty South Tease Play has been atop the charts of A list DJ's. It debuted at #31 on the Oceania Chart. "We are very happy with the success of Tegans latest effort" Say Tim Lanham, VP of A and R for Hotshot Records. Look for Tegan's next release 'Roller Baby' in December.

Miami Club/Dance Top 5
for week ending 4/5/2020



Lady Gaga

Stupid Love

2 - Britney Spears - Work B**ch
3 - Foxes - Youth
4 - Martin Garrix - Animals
5 - Zedd - Stay the Night

Want to be a Hotshot Artist?

HotShot Records USA is currently accepting tracks for the upcoming Destination Bali compilation. You can send links or MP3's to submissions@hotshotrecords.us. Be sure to include all of the contact information, a picture and a bio of the artists.

David Montecelo

David dubbed Miami' best kept secret has emerged as one of South Florida's up and coming star poised to take the scene by storm. Throughout his career he has had the opportunity to work with some of the worlds top producers and deejays. His productions have been regarded as unique and innovative and are on the playlist of the likes of Danny Howells, Behrouz Desdyn and Oscar G just to name a few. Currently David has hooked up with Miami sensation, and Local Celebrity Co-Founder DJ Roland to collaborate on many tracks including Movimiento, Harder Faster, People from Ibiza, and their latest hits, Descarga aka Candela and Evil. The team is hard at work to transform House Music worldwide with innovative beats and melodies.

Maria Pearce

Maria Pearce is a Baltimore Maryland native who has also spent time in Greece. Her parents came from the Greek island of Chiosand, settled in Baltimores Greek Town". From an early age it was evident that Maria was a talented singer and performer. She took part in her first talent show at the age of 13. Maria sings traditional and modern Greek as well as American-style dance music. In 2002, Maria recorded an original CD, Tosi Monaxia, with George Pilianides, a song writer who has written hits for several top singers in Greece.Maria currently is the female lead singer of the Greek band Appolonia and travels the county performing. Maria joined with Nic Steele earlier this year and formed the new version of Velocity.

Michael Badal

Michael Badal is a DJ, writer and producer from Los Angles California. He has released many original tracks as well as numerous remixes. As a DJ he has performed at some of the west coasts top dance clubs. These include Ruby Skye and Dreaming in Digital. In 2007 along with DJ Zya he started Jigsaw Recordings. Through the label he has had opportunities to work with some todays biggest DJs. This has made him one of the most sought after re-mixers. The third release on his label was the track entitled Colours, which brought massive attention to Michael. With global DJs like Tiesto playing this track and producers like Mr. Sam asking him for remixes, its no wonder he has achieved so much success.

Tyler Clark

A small town outside of Nashville hardly seems like a hotbed of dance music but, that is exactly where Tyler Clark began producing his unique style of electronic music. Trained in piano he quickly mastered his craft and has produced many high quality dance tracks. Tyler is probably best known for producing the title track from Hotshot Records compilation ?Destination Rio?. He also has a very popular Youtube channel that attracts thousands of hits each month. He also hosts internet radio shows and is a special guest of Hotshot Interactive 'Terminal Velocity' Podcast.

Tim Lanham

Tim Lanham is the co-founder and current VP of A and R for Hotshot Records. As well as handling much the business end of HSR he also produces many of HSR?s releases. Tim got his start with dance music in the early 90?s working with George Hagegeorge at the ?Track in the Box? Studios in Baltimore. He soon began writing for local artists and started Hotshot Records along with British musician Malcolm Palin. Tim started the ?Terminal Velocity? Podcast in 2011. This monthly Podcast showcases dance music that is popular in local Miami clubs. Tim is also the principal songwriter and guitarist for Shylock.

Taku Nakahara

Taku is a DJ and an award winning photographer from Osaka Japan. He is best known for his Podcast entitled ?Pure Ibiza? which is rated #1 in iTunes Japan. The podcast is downloaded over 2 million times a month and features many of his remixes. He also has a program on France TWC Radio network. As a DJ plays at all the major clubs in Osaka. His Bikini Nights parties are always sold out. He joined the Hotshot Records family in 2011 when he was signed to produce the ?Destination Bali? compilation.

Greg George

Greg is a vocalist from Baltimore Md. His professional career started in the early 80?s fronting the rock band the East Coast Ratz. After several years of touring the band split and Greg went on to sing with many mid-Atlantic bands. In 2005 he was asked to sing with the group Shylock. They recorded several tracks for the EP Extreme Resistance which was released in 2005. Greg currently is working on new music for the next Shylock CD as well as working with local guitarist Jay Wise on a live performance act.

Tegan Steele

Tegan Steele is a Canadian born DJ producer. He got his start as a recording engineer in Montreal in the late 70?s. He mainly produced local rock bands but in the mid 90?s he turned his focus to the hot new thing ?Electronic Music? After several years of hard work learning the new technology, he moved to Washington DC and started working with DC based dance artists. He eventually crossed paths with Hotshot records and after some encouragement from his bother Nic, Tegean producing for HSR. He produced the compilation ?Destination Rio?.

Malcolm Palin

British born Malcolm Palin has been writing and producing dance and electronic music for more than a decade. He is an accomplished keyboard and bass player as well as a talented vocalist. His vocal work on the classic ?You Don?t Understand? has brought new attention to this talented artist. He is currently part of a creative duo behind the electro-house group ?Static Brigade? and has even more projects on the horizon. His collection of vintage and new synths would make even Vince Clarke envious. Malcolm is currently on tour with Static Brigade.

Nic Steele

DJ /producer Nic Steele is a Canadian songwriter / producer. He is the younger brother of veteran producer Tegan Steele and from a young age has been writing and performing music. With encouragement from his brother, he began producing dance music and eventually moved to Washington DC where he met gold record producer George Hagegeorge. Nic began to audition vocalists and eventually found Susan Sea forming Velocity. With Hagageorge at the console, Steele and Sea recorded the critically acclaimed 'Just Another Lover' EP. While working with producer Tony Pearce, Nic heard Maria sing and knew she would be the new voice of Velocity.

Susan Sea

Susan Sea aka Susan Clausen is a vocalist from Baltimore Maryland. She has a very powerful voice that has been compared to that of Linda Perry of 4 Non Blondes. Susan has performed whit a variety of local bands but had the most success with the band ?Don?t Stop?. It was while on tour with ?Don?t Stop? that Nic Steele first heard her sing and he immediately knew she would be perfect for his project ?Velocity?. Susan and Nic began writing and recorded ?Just Another Lover? at the Track in the Box studio. They co-produced the Maxi single with Baltimore icon George Hagegeorge.

Niki Laws

Niki Laws is a vocalist from Baltimore Maryland. Even at an early age it was clear that Niki was destined for a professional career. She found her way into singing at public events. I was at one of these performances that she caught the ear of Tim Lanham from Hotshot Records. She was quickly signed and began working with various producers in the Baltimore DC area. ?Love Too Good? was here first single and featured her unique style of vocal house.
  • Just Another Lover
  • Velocity featuring Susan Clausen
  • HSR-0707368-1813
  • 4 Track EP

Just Another Lover
Just Antoher Lover - Lovers Club Mix
Just Another Lover - Neptune Dub
It's Only Love
  • Shadow of Love
  • Velocity featuring Maria Pearce
  • HSR-0707368-1815
  • 4 Track EP

Forever My Love
Love Dies Hard
Love Dies Hard - David Montecelo Remix
  • Destination Rio
  • Derstination Rio
  • HSR-0707368-0001
  • CD Compilation

Destination Rio
Destination Rio - Michael Badal Remix
  • Silver Sun
  • Tyler Clark
  • HSR-0707368-1518
  • CD Single

Silver Sun
  • Love Too Good
  • Eruption
  • HSR-0707368-0710
  • 3 Track EP

Love Too Good feat. Niki Laws
You Don't Understand feat. Malcolm Palin
You Don't Understand - Michael Badal Remix
  • Tease Play
  • Tegan Steele
  • HSR-0707368-1256
  • CD Single

Tease Play
  • Clique
  • Tegan Steele
  • HSR-0707368-1255
  • CD Single

  • Tosi Monaxia
  • Maria Pearce
  • HSR-0707368-3001
  • 11 Track CD

Tosi Monaxia
  • Extreme Resistance
  • East Coast Ratz
  • HSR-0707368-3313
  • 2 Track EP

Carrie Ann
  • Destination Rio
  • Various Artists
  • HSR-0707368-001
  • CD Compilation

Sea of Bliss - Greg Hobgood
Good Lie - Tarmo Tammel
Duplicity - PM AttitudE
Liquid Trance - DJ Chiments
Destination Rio - Tyler Clark
Walking in the Sun - Ralph Project
Melodic Maddness - MSQUARED feat. M.Y.Concept
Terra Australis - Talla X2LC(Jorn van Deynhoven Remix)
Andromeda Gazer - Xaphoid
High Trip - Hung Jung
Tyler Clark Destination Rio (Michael Badal Remix)
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Destination Rio CD cover Destination Rio CD
Various Artists

Just Another Lover CD cover Just Another Lover CD
Velocity feat. Susan Sea

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